Our Story

Welcome! Our story begins high on the verdant slopes of Mauna Kea in the district of Hamakua on the windward side of the Big Island of Hawaii where members of our family have lived since 1973.

We knew that coffee was first planted on the Hamakua Coast in 1852 by Rev. Joseph Goodrich and was still growing wild in the valleys and gulches. Clearly coffee liked to grow here … so in 1998 we decided to start a coffee farm. Being on Mauna Kea (a dormant volcano) is an advantage because the cool air coming down the nearly 14,000-foot mountain at night helps to yield a premium coffee. This is because the low evening temperatures significantly extend the time it takes for the coffee to ripen. Together with the rich volcanic soil and cool, misty conditions, the result is a very smooth, soft, and elegant taste.

We are strong believers in the value of organics. Our family farm is one of the largest certified organic coffee farms in Hawaii. Our fields are planted with an overstory of native Hawaiian Koa trees which provide shade, wind protection, and nitrogen for the soil. We have our own certified organic coffee mill and do everything ourselves from start to finish right here on the farm, paying close attention to every detail of the process along the way.

Here at Hawaiian Cloud Forest Coffee we are also proud to have several endangered species living on our farm, including the Koloa Duck, the Hawaiian Hawk, and the Hawaiian Owl, as well as the very rare Hawaiian Bat. We strive to provide these creatures with an open, natural habitat. We hope this gives you some idea of what our farm is like.

Our coffee is very well received, and many customers tell us it is the best coffee they have ever tasted. We think so too! Several of the best restaurants here in Hawaii sell and serve our coffee, including Merriman’s in Waimea and Café Pesto in Hilo and Kawaihae. Whole Foods Market on Oahu and Maui as well as a number of health food stores here on the Big Island also sell our coffee.

We have a “Coffee Club,” which allows you to automatically receive your coffee by subscription. We offer three different roasts … Medium (our favorite), Café (a multi-colored blend of medium, medium/dark, and dark roasts), and Dark (great for espresso).

We look forward to welcoming you to our group of friends and family.

With Aloha from the founders of Hawaiian Cloud Forest Coffee,

Erik & Hillery Gunther and the John & Molly Bailey Family